Risks of On-Line Docs?

When on-line documents fall short, the failures tend to fall into a couple of categories. Perhaps the most dangerous shortcomings are the ones that destroy the validity of the documents themselves. Things like failing to notarize. Having only one witness. Technical...

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On-Line Estate Planning

On-line Wills are a possibility. And sometimes they are even adequate. But most of the time they involve provisions that aren’t really what the person would include had the alternatives been explained and understood. Professionally-prepared…

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Who Inherits in Absence of Will?

Roughly half of all of the people in Idaho who pass away have no Last Will and Testament when that happens. So, the question in those cases is always, “Who inherits the property and possessions of that person?” The answer is dictated by statutes. Here’s essentially…

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Can we Serve Out-of-Area Clients?

Very much so. For clients who need assistance with probate, we can handle such proceedings in every county in the state.  And we can easily handle the process for Executors who live anywhere in the country without requiring them to travel to our offices in Eagle. For clients who need a Will or a Living…

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Satisfaction? We Guarantee it!

Here’s our policy:  If you’re not entirely satisfied with our services, we won’t charge you for them. We know that clients are sometimes nervous at the prospect of hiring an attorney.  Horror stories of those who…

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How Much is an Idaho Probate?

The costs for probate vary.  And it is important to be sure you’re looking at an all-inclusive figure. That should include not only the attorney fees, but the court filing fees, the cost to publish the Notice to…

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How Can I Avoid Probate?

There are really two ways to avoid probate: Piecemeal Approach:  You can name beneficiaries on each of your bank and brokerage accounts, place your real estate into joint ownership with the persons that you…

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Widows & Probate in Idaho

Perhaps the least understood aspect of probate is the fact that surviving spouses are not exempt. If a married man or woman passes away, the surviving spouse will have to hire a lawyer and go through the six-month…

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