Cost of Your Family Trust

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For those who use our office to create a Family Trust, the pricing is straightforward and all-inclusive. Here’s what to expect:

For an unmarried person, the Family Trust Package will cost just $1,495.00

For a married couple, the cost will be $1,895.00

Here’s what’s included:
• Family Trust Agreement
• Last Will and Testament(s)
• General Power(s) of Attorney (Financial & Medical)
• Living Will(s)
• Warranty Deed to move property into the trust
• Certification of Trust
• Affidavit Regarding Residence of Trust

While comparison shopping for the cost of a Family Trust, it’s important to be sure that all of these documents are included in the total package.

Are there circumstances that may cause the price to increase? Yes, but only these two:
1. If you own out-of-state real estate, the additional cost to prepare and record a deed moving that property into the name of your Family Trust will be $295.
2. If you own more than three pieces of real estate in Idaho, there will be additional costs of $100 for each of those properties in excess of the original three parcels.

So, absent out-of-state real estate or more than three pieces of Idaho real estate, the package pricing stated above will be what you should expect at our office.


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