Caution on On-Line Wills

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Sometimes Last Will and Testaments purchased on line work just fine.

But sometimes they inadvertently lead to a disaster.

As is the case with any computer program that has limited variables, they almost never reflect the precise wishes of the persons who sets them up.

And as often as not, they are technically invalid due to mistakes in the process of signing, witnessing, and notarizing the document.

A professionally-prepared document, on the other hand, will avoid these pitfalls. The preliminary extended conversation between the attorney and the client will help to ensure that the Will has been drafted to conform precisely to the wishes of the person making the Will. And the attorney who oversees the signing of the Will can also make certain that the formalities required of every Will have been fully complied with.

For the many families who have been ushered into a feud over an on-line Will, the savings were simply not worth the long-term cost


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