We can Help those Outside the Treasure Valley.

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We’re sometimes asked whether we can provide our services to those living outside the Treasure Valley?  Or even outside the state of Idaho?

Our Idaho probate services can usually be arranged for anyone living anywhere.  As long as the person who passed away either lived in Idaho or owned real estate in Idaho, we should be able to handle the legal proceeding.

But our estate planning requires a couple of face-to-face meetings.  At the first meeting we will discuss the details of your estate plan to determine what you would like to accomplish and the best ways to make that happen.  At the second meeting, we will go over the documents, answer any remaining questions, make any needed corrections, and then sign the documents.

Between those two meetings, we will prepare and mail you the draft estate planning documents so that you have time to review them carefully ahead of the second meeting.

So, with this procedure, we will need two face-to-face meetings.  But as long as you’re willing to make the drive, we can be of service to handle the estate planning needs of anyone who lives in Idaho.


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