How Much Are Wills?

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A Simple Will primarily just indicates who is to inherit a person’s property and who is to serve as the Executor when that person passes away.

Where the heirs are not yet adults, it can also designate a Custodian who will hold that inheritance until the heirs reach age 21.

And it can also indicate preferences between burial and cremation. 

If you have this office prepare a Simple Last Will and Testament, the total cost will be $395 for an unmarried person and $525 for a married couple.

For persons who opt for a Simple Will, we would encourage the preparation of a General Power of Attorney and a Living Will, as well. 

These three documents – a Last Will and Testament, a Living Will, and a General Power of attorney – make an excellent basic estate plan.  That plan deals not only with the issues that will arise when a person passes away, but it also establishes the principles that will apply if a person becomes incapacitated before he or she passes away. 

If a person wants a complete Simple Will package that includes all three of these documents, the cost of the package will be $595 for an unmarried person and $825 for a married couple.


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