Avoiding Inheritance Feuds

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Few things are as heartbreaking as a family that fractures over inheritance questions.

Most commonly, such a feud arises when one child is favored with a larger share of a parents’ estate that another child. 

But it can also arise where the shares are equivalent if one child feels like he or she should get an even larger share (“because I took care of mom and dad” or “because my siblings already have more than I do” are common rationalizations).

But regardless to the spark that ignites such a feud, the outcomes are always tragic.

Are there things that can be done to cut down on the likelihood of a dispute?  Yes, there are a couple of effective ways to stifle such disputes.

First, if one child is more likely than the others to launch such an assault and you’re not worried about hurting the feelings of that child, he or she can be expressly disinherited.  By name, for emphasis.

Second, every Simple Will or Living Trust should include a “no contest” provision.  That provision decrees that anyone who files a legal challenge to a Will or Trust is to not receive any of the estate left under that Will or Trust.

These two steps will tend to significantly reduce the risk of a Will contest and the feuds that result from such a dispute.


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