How Much For A Trust?

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For a person who is not married, a complete Living Trust or Family Trust package is just $1,495.  For a married couple, the package is $1,895.

But, in order for you to do an effective cost comparison, it’s also important for you to know just what your package will include.  If you have this office prepare your Trust, here is what you will receive:

  • Living Trust or Family Trust Agreement
  • Last Will and Testament
  • General Power of Attorney (that covers both medical and financial matters)
  • Living Will (to inform loved ones of the care that you desire if you were to end up in a coma with no chance of recovery)
  • Affidavit Regarding Residence of Trust (to retain you homeowner’s exemption for property tax purposes)
  • Warranty Deed (to move your home and other property into your trust)


This the complete set of documents to establish your Trust and to successfully move title to your home into it. 

You will also receive a detailed check list for you to follow to move your other assets – bank and brokerage accounts, vehicles, life insurance, etc. – into your new trust. 

When all of that has taken place, your new Living Trust or Family Trust will be complete and will really just fade into the background.  There should not any need for you to have the Trust modified unless you change your wishes as far as whom you desire for your beneficiaries or your successor trustees. 

The only circumstance that would cause the pricing stated, above, to increase would be if you own real estate outside of the state of Idaho or if you own more than three pieces of real estate in Idaho.  Absent either or both of those circumstances, the foregoing pricing will apply.


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