Cost of Wills?

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In an effort to be transparent with my pricing, I post it on my website.

If all you need is a Simple Will (one that does not include a trust for young or immature heirs), the cost for an unmarried person is $395 and the cost for a married couple is $525.

That cost includes an initial meeting to discuss the details that should be included in the Wills, the actual drafting of the documents (which are mailed to the client ahead of the second meeting so that they can be carefully reviewed), and the second meeting to sign, witness, and notarize the final documents.  It also includes any changes that may be desired based upon the client’s review of the documents prior to the second meeting.

For clients who opt for a Simple Will, we will also discuss the advisability of adding a Power of Attorney and a Living Will to create an excellent basic estate plan.  The additional cost of each of those will be $100 for an unmarried person and $150 for a married couple.

If you have any other questions about my pricing, I hope you’ll give me a call at your convenience.


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