Why Not On-Line Wills & Trusts

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Are on-line documents good enough?

My response is:  Though they can be adequate, they’re not worth the risks.

Your estate plan documents should reflect the idiosyncrasies of who you are, what your family relations look like, and what you hope to see for your heirs.  They should not only determine who inherits your remaining property when you’ve passed away, but also who will help you through the difficult moments in life, such as those that occur due to health crises and the onset of memory issues.

An “estate plan” that fails to do any or all of these things is incomplete.  It essentially subjects you, your possessions and property, as well as your family members, to an inadequately-crafted scheme.  It will leave your loved ones with unanswered questions, potentially pitting them in a contentious dispute over what is the best course available for dealing with you and your property and affairs.

On-line documents, in particular, tend to be two-dimensional.  They may be able to deal with certain simple matters effectively.  But they simply cannot be arranged to reflect all of the specific dimensions that make up your life, property, and relationships.

In the end, I believe that entrusting your affairs and your property to the one-size-fits-all options that are available on-line is driven by a false sense of economy.  It’s just not worth the risks.


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