Should an out-of-state Trust be reviewed?

A Living Trust or Family Trust that was created in another state by an estate planning attorney will generally not need to be modified simply because the owner moves to Idaho.

While there may be minor details that could be modified, none of those are normally significant enough on their own to require a review and modification.

On the other hand, if the owner wishes to change the ultimate beneficiaries or the successor trustees named in the trust, then an amendment of the trust will be needed.

And occasionally, if the owner wants to simplify the trust in order to shorten it and make it easier to understand, a restatement of the entire trust may be in order.

But beyond those limited circumstances, a legal review and modification of an out-of-state trust is not normally needed when a person moves to Idaho.

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Barry, you provided and led us through the trust process in a simple and efficient manner. What I thought would be a complicated process turned into a simple, easy activity. Thank you." (Morgan M., Boise, Idaho)