How Much do Simple Wills Cost?

As prepared by Barry Peters, the cost of a simple will is just $295.  That includes an initial meeting to discuss the details of whom you wish to serve as Executor and who you wish to inherit your possessions when you pass away plus the follow up meeting to review, sign, witness, and notarize that Will.  Between the two meetings, a printed copy of your custom-drafted Last Will and Testament will be mailed to you for review.

For a married couple who desire reciprocal Wills (which leave everything to the surviving spouse and then, when both spouses have passed away, to the children or other designated heirs), the total cost of the two Wills together is $425.

Please note, a simple Will is not adequate for those circumstances where your beneficiaries are too young or immature to receive their intended inheritance.  In that circumstance, either a Will with a trust included or a Living Trust will be needed to carry out your wishes.  A Will which includes a trust for your minor child or children will cost $445 for a single person or $595 for a married couple.

And don’t forget that your initial meeting with Barry Peters — to discuss your options and the respective costs of each — is now absolutely free of charge.

For an expedited appointment for your initial consultation, please call (208) 939-2600.  Then just follow the simple procedures listed HERE.

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The minute we walked into your office we felt comfortable. Your service in putting our family trust together was excellent. Your clarification on questions we had was extremely helpful and at no time did we feel rushed to go through the process . . . We have already recommended your services to other and will continue to do so with no hesitation. " (Shawn & Elaine J. -- Meridian, Idaho)