How Much Does a Complete Living Trust Package Cost?

How much does a complete Living Trust package cost?  What all is included?

Your complete Living Trust package prepared by Barry Peters will cost just $1,895.00.  It will include all of the following:

  1. Living Trust Agreement
  2. Last Will and Testaments
  3. Living Wills informing your family and physician of the medical care that you want in the event that you are in a coma
  4. Durable General Powers of Attorney for both medical issues and financial matters
  5. Warranty Deed to move your home into the trust
  6. Affidavit Regarding Residence of Trust to retain your homeowners property tax exemption for your home
  7. Certification of Trust

The only additional expenses that sometimes apply are:

  1. If you own real estate in another state, we will arrange for a deed moving that property into your new Living Trust to be prepared and recorded.  The additional cost to take care of that will be $295 for each out-of-state deed that is required.
  2. If you own more than three pieces of real estate in Idaho, there will be a surcharge of $100 for each additional piece of real estate to cover the additional cost of the deed preparation and recordation for the multiple properties.

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