What If I Don’t Live In The Treasure Valley?

Even for people who don’t live in the Treasure Valley, Barry Peters can still provide the same expert services.  All that is normally required will be two office visits at Barry’s office in Eagle.  The visits will usually be about two weeks apart.

At the first visit, your Free Initial Consultation, Barry will review and discuss your completed Estate Planning Questionnaire and advise you of your options, including the pricing of each.  If you want to think about that information before moving forward, you are free to do so without any further obligation.

If during that initial visit you decide how you would like to proceed, Barry will then work through the many details of your preferred plan.  Then a return visit will be scheduled, typically ten days to two weeks after the first visit.

Between the two visits, Barry will prepare all of the documents that are needed and mail them to you in a printed format. That way you can review them carefully and call Barry with any questions or needed revisions.

Then, at your return visit, the documents will be finalized, signed, witnessed, notarized, recorded, and filed in order to complete the process.   No fees are required until the process is completed.  As always, if you are not completely satisfied the the services and documents provided by Barry Peters, no legal fees will be charged at all.

In this way, even clients who live outside of the Treasure Valley can easily take advantage of the exceptional service and value offered by Barry Peters!

Wit & Wisdom

Death does not take the wise man by surprise, he is always prepared to leave.

- Jean de la Fontaine


Thank you Mr. Peters for your very professional legal services in setting up our family trust. The process was simple thanks to your knowledge and experience and the cost was fair and well-worth it for our peace of mind." (Joe & Bonnie A., Meridian, Idaho)