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Death Without Will.  What Happens?

What happens to the property and possessions of a person who passes away without a Last Will and Testament? Effectively, the state of Idaho provides one for that person.  They do this through “laws of intestate succession.”  That’s just a fancy name for passing the property to the persons most closely related to the person […]

Serving Clients Outside the Treasure Valley?

This firm can serve clients who don’t live in the immediate vicinity of Eagle. For clients needing to have a Will or a Trust prepared, I regularly serve clients as far away as McCall, Twin Falls, Weiser, and similar communities. For probate clients, I can serve anyone in the nation who needs a probate proceeding […]

Satisfaction Guaranteed?  Really?

Yes, I do guarantee that my clients are satisfied with my services. If they are not for any reason, then I do not charge for those services. Keeps me on my toes.  Lets my clients know that I am serious about my goal of serving them well. __________________________ Author: Barry Peters. For additional easy-to-understand information […]

How Much does Probate Cost? 

In Idaho, the typical probate costs usually range from about $2,000.00 to $4,000.00. If the heirs get along reasonably well, and if there are no significant creditor claims that must be taken care of, this office can usually handle the probate for a fixed fee of just $1,995.00.  That fee includes not only the attorneys’ […]

For Idaho, How to Avoid Probate?

For those desiring to avoid probate, there are fundamentally two options:  The piecemeal solution and the global solution. The “piecemeal solution” involves cobbling together numerous small steps to try and keep specific properties and accounts out of probate.  That usually involves establishing POD or TOD beneficiaries on every account.  And perhaps establishing real estate titles […]

Probate for Surviving Spouse?

When a spouse passes away leaving a surviving spouse, must that surviving spouse go through the probate process? Answer:  Yes, a surviving spouse must still go through probate, even if he or she is named as the sole heir in the Last Will and Testament of the spouse who passed away.  There is no exemption […]

In Idaho, Is Probate Always Required?

No, probate is not always required. If the person who passed away owned possessions, bank accounts, etc. with a total value of less than $100,000, then probate can usually be avoided so long as the person did not own any interests in real estate. In that case, a shorter and simpler process can be used. […]

Probate: What is it?

Probate is simply the legal process which insures that the inheritance left when a person passes away ends up being received by the correct persons. It involves an Application submitted to the court asking for the court’s approval of the appointment of an Executor. After the court approves the Executor’s appointment, the Executor then: Gathers […]

Who Needs a Gun Trust?

For the few people who hold federally-regulated firearms and explosives, a Gun Trust is important. But for the rest of us who just own garden-variety firearms, they’re not necessary. What are the federally-controlled items?  They are: Fully-automatic weapons (multiple rounds fired with single trigger pull) Sawed off rifles and shotguns (barrels shorter than 18”) Silencers/Suppressors […]

Why My Pricing is Posted.

Many years ago I visited a local auto repair shop and asked the owner how much a new water pump would cost.  As he wandered off to check on the price of the part, I realized that I didn’t care if he charged $10 per hour or $100 per hour.  I just wanted to know […]

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