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How Much Are Wills?

A Simple Will primarily just indicates who is to inherit a person’s property and who is to serve as the Executor when that person passes away. Where the heirs are not yet adults, it can also designate a Custodian who will hold that inheritance until the heirs reach age 21. And it can also indicate […]

What’s Wrong with On-Line Wills?

It happened again this week.  I met with a client whose husband had recently passed away.  He left a Last Will and Testament that he signed and had notarized.  But the lines for the two witness’ signatures were left blank.  Evidently, he thought that he could choose between having two witnesses or having the Will […]

Avoiding Inheritance Feuds

Few things are as heartbreaking as a family that fractures over inheritance questions. Most commonly, such a feud arises when one child is favored with a larger share of a parents’ estate that another child.  But it can also arise where the shares are equivalent if one child feels like he or she should get […]

Protecting Immature Heirs

What if a person wants to leave an inheritance to a person who is not yet mature enough to handle that inheritance? That may be a minor child.  But it may also be a younger adult who has undisciplined spending habits. This can be dealt with in a couple of different ways. First, the inheritance […]

Leaving Children Out?

Can a person exclude a child from inheriting anything? Yes.  Each person has the absolute right to decide who is – and who is not – to inherit that person’s property and possessions at death. But only if a Last Will and Testament or a Trust names others as a beneficiary. In the absence of […]

Keeping my Property from the State?

I’m occasionally asked whether the property of a person who passes away without a Will simply goes to the state. The answer is:  Rarely. Instead the state effectively creates a Will for that person.  Specific statutes dictate who will inherit a person’s property in the absence of a Last Will and Testament. The list starts […]

Out-of-Town Clients?

How can an out-of-town client be helped?  Or even an out-of-state client? The practical answer is:  It depends. A person who needs assistance with a probate proceeding can use this office regardless of the county in which the probate is to occur.  We can normally use an “informal” process that does not involve any trial […]

BARRY PETERS: Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The policy of this office is simple:  Unless you are fully satisfied with our services, no legal fees will be charged. No conditions.  No exceptions.  Just full satisfaction. __________________________ Author: Barry Peters. For additional easy-to-understand information on Wills, Trusts, and Probate, call attorney Barry Peters’ offices at (208) 939-2600 for your expedited appointment for a FREE […]

Costs of Idaho Probate?

The financial cost of probate includes several different expenses.  Court filing fees.  Cost to publish the Notice to Creditors in a local newspaper.  Cost to prepare and record the deed to move property into the name of the rightful heirs.  And, of course, the attorney fees. Altogether, the total should be in the $2,000 to […]

Dodging Probate

Sparing one’s heirs the requirement of going through probate necessitates pre-planning.  In the absence of a plan, probate is the default requirement. So, how can probate be avoided? There are normally two ways: A person can cobble together a variety of individual steps to insure that each asset can pass to his chosen heirs.  Specifically, […]

Wit & Wisdom

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- Martin Luther King


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