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Cost of Wills?

In an effort to be transparent with my pricing, I post it on my website. If all you need is a Simple Will (one that does not include a trust for young or immature heirs), the cost for an unmarried person is $395 and the cost for a married couple is $525.  That cost includes […]

Risks of On-Line Documents

So what can go wrong with on-line estate planning documents? A couple of things come to mind based on the reviews that I’ve done: Inappropriate provisions:  It’s not uncommon for on-line documents to include provisions that are inconsistent.  Or vague.  Any estate plan should only include language that is easily understood on a first-reading.  If […]

Why Not On-Line Wills & Trusts

Are on-line documents good enough? My response is:  Though they can be adequate, they’re not worth the risks. Your estate plan documents should reflect the idiosyncrasies of who you are, what your family relations look like, and what you hope to see for your heirs.  They should not only determine who inherits your remaining property […]

Dodging Will Contests

Few things can be as destructive to a family as a Will contest – usually children fighting over a Last Will and Testament that treats them unequally. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to discourage such legal disputes. If the inheritance left by a parent is to be divided evenly between all the […]

Dealing With Immature Heirs

It is a rare parent these days who feels that his or her children are mature enough to handle a substantial inheritance. As a result, it is important that such an inheritance be provided with certain controls that encourage the heir to handle the gift with maturity. Within a Simple Will, a parent can delay […]

Leaving Family Members out of a Will?

Can a person choose to leave nothing to a child?  How about leaving nothing to a surviving spouse?  Is that permitted? The answer is, “Yes.” There is no legal requirement that some portion or minimum amount of a person’s property be left to specific family members. So a Will may intentionally leave nothing to a […]

Death Without Will.  What Happens?

What happens to the property and possessions of a person who passes away without a Last Will and Testament? Effectively, the state of Idaho provides one for that person.  They do this through “laws of intestate succession.”  That’s just a fancy name for passing the property to the persons most closely related to the person […]

Serving Clients Outside the Treasure Valley?

This firm can serve clients who don’t live in the immediate vicinity of Eagle. For clients needing to have a Will or a Trust prepared, I regularly serve clients as far away as McCall, Twin Falls, Weiser, and similar communities. For probate clients, I can serve anyone in the nation who needs a probate proceeding […]

Satisfaction Guaranteed?  Really?

Yes, I do guarantee that my clients are satisfied with my services. If they are not for any reason, then I do not charge for those services. Keeps me on my toes.  Lets my clients know that I am serious about my goal of serving them well. __________________________ Author: Barry Peters. For additional easy-to-understand information […]

How Much does Probate Cost? 

In Idaho, the typical probate costs usually range from about $2,000.00 to $4,000.00. If the heirs get along reasonably well, and if there are no significant creditor claims that must be taken care of, this office can usually handle the probate for a fixed fee of just $1,995.00.  That fee includes not only the attorneys’ […]

Wit & Wisdom

The danger from computers is not that they will eventually get as smart as men, but we will meanwhile agree to meet them halfway.

- Bernard Avishai


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