If you choose to have Barry Peters prepare your Will, Trust, or other documents, here are the fees that should apply:

Simple Will:   $395 (or $525 for a married couple together)

Living Will:   $100 (or $150 for a married couple together)

General Power of Attorney:   $100 (or $150 for a married couple together)

Deed:   $225 (for each deed, plus $15 for recording fees)

SIMPLE WILL PACKAGE: $595 (single) and $825 (married). The package includes:

Last Will & Testaments
Living Wills
General Powers of Attorney

COMPLETE LIVING TRUST PACKAGE: $1,495 (single) and $1,895 (married). The package includes:

Certification of Trust
Living Trust Agreement
Last Will & Testaments
Living Wills
General Powers of Attorney
Warranty Deeds
Affidavit Regarding Residence of Trust

** Additional fees may be required (1) if you own real estate outside of Idaho, or (2) if you own more than three properties in Idaho.  Fees for those optional additional items may be viewed HERE

PROBATE PRICING:    Starting at just $1,995, all inclusive.

So long as the heirs and family members are not in a dispute and unexpected creditor claims don’t pop up, the complete probate process can usually be completed for just $1,995.00.  That includes all court costs, lawyer fees, the cost to publish the Notice to Creditors, and the cost to prepare and record any deeds needed to move real estate to the proper heirs.  For additional information, see the article  HERE.

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- Barry's Razor No. 1


Options were explained clearly and thoroughly. Questions were answered fully and cost was affordable. We have recommended you to others. Thank you Barry." (Gary & Marlene P., Meridian, Idaho)