2018 Student Prep Resources

Watch This!  2013 Capstone Promo Video

Capstone New and Alumni Prep: Part 1

Extra Credit: Agenda Video Links:



  I.  Meet your elected officials:


Your Legislators  (after January 1)

II.  Meet your Governor:

2018 State of the State Address(after January 1)

III.  Meet JFAC:

Charts to print out

IV.  Meet the Court:

History and Procedures of the Idaho Supreme Court

Members of the Court(after January 1)

Idaho’s Court StructureChart

Capstone New Student Prep: Part 2

V.  Tour the Capitol Building:

– Tour the Renovation

View: Capitol of Light“Video Galleries” (42 minutes)

– Research the history

Idaho State Capitol

Capitol Move or Theft?

VI.  Tour the State Offices:

– Research the Branches

People of Idaho Chart

Qualifications of Executive Officers

– Meet Your Executive Constitutional Officers


Lieutenant Governor

Secretary of State

State Controller

State Treasurer

Attorney General

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Stonesetters Prep:

I.  Meet Your Elected Officials:

Find your legislators (after January 1)

II.  Find the Facts:

State symbols, geography, mineralsDownload PDF

State EmblemsDownload PDF

III.  Tour the Capitol Building:

View: Capitol of Light “Video Galleries” (42 minutes)

The Capitol’s Secrets

IV.  Meet the Court:

Find the Justices


Wit & Wisdom

Men are made by nature unequal. It is vain, therefore, to treat them as if they were equal.

- James Anthony Froude


Barry, we appreciate how simple that you made the trust transaction for us. The book was extremely helpful to notify all of the necessary contacts and the specified pages to give to each one." (Vicki M., Star, Idaho)