2018 Student Prep Resources

Watch This!  2013 Capstone Promo Video

Capstone New and Alumni Prep: Part 1

Extra Credit: Agenda Video Links:



  I.  Meet your elected officials:


Your Legislators  (after January 1)

II.  Meet your Governor:

2018 State of the State Address(after January 1)

III.  Meet JFAC:

Charts to print out

IV.  Meet the Court:

History and Procedures of the Idaho Supreme Court

Members of the Court(after January 1)

Idaho’s Court StructureChart

Capstone New Student Prep: Part 2

V.  Tour the Capitol Building:

– Tour the Renovation

View: Capitol of Light“Video Galleries” (42 minutes)

– Research the history

Idaho State Capitol

Capitol Move or Theft?

VI.  Tour the State Offices:

– Research the Branches

People of Idaho Chart

Qualifications of Executive Officers

– Meet Your Executive Constitutional Officers


Lieutenant Governor

Secretary of State

State Controller

State Treasurer

Attorney General

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Stonesetters Prep:

I.  Meet Your Elected Officials:

Find your legislators (after January 1)

II.  Find the Facts:

State symbols, geography, mineralsDownload PDF

State EmblemsDownload PDF

III.  Tour the Capitol Building:

View: Capitol of Light “Video Galleries” (42 minutes)

The Capitol’s Secrets

IV.  Meet the Court:

Find the Justices


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- Thomas Szasz


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