Can Barry Peters handle Probates anywhere in Idaho?

Most estates that need to be probated do not require an actual visit to the courthouse by Barry Peters. For that reason, handling a probate in Northern or Eastern Idaho involves essentially the same amount of legal work as handling such a proceeding here in the Treasure Valley.
So if you have lost a loved one and may need to go through a probate proceeding, call Barry Peters at (208) 939-2600 to find out (1) whether a probate is legally required, and, if it is, (2) what would be the total expense to have Barry Peters handle the proceeding from his office in Eagle, Idaho.

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We thought the service you performed for us was perfect. We are so thankful you explained the difference between a "Will" and the "Trust" that you set up for us. We have shared this with several people in hopes they would see the important differences." (John & Sandy S., Meridian, Idaho)