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To get started, just call our office in Eagle at 939-2600 to set up an appointment.  Once the appointment is set up, just follow these simple steps:

1.  Click HERE to go to the Estate Planning Questionnaire.  The form can either be filled in on your computer before you print it or you can print the blank form and fill it in by hand.  Either way, please bring the completed Questionnaire to your first appointment.

2.  Click HERE for a map to our office in downtown Eagle.  Or you can simply click HERE to print directions to the office.

Barry Peters practices law in Boise Idaho3. At our first meeting, we will review the details of your family, property, and circumstances. Then we’ll discuss your options with regard to the use of a simple Will or a Living Trust and the cost of each option.

4.  Once you’ve decided between a simple Will or a Living Trust, we will discuss the particulars of the various documents that will be prepared.  Careful attention will be given to the details of your unique circumstances and needs as these documents are developed.

5.  A follow up meeting will be scheduled two to three weeks later.  Between the two meetings, the documents you have selected will be drafted and mailed to you so that they can be review them carefully before they are signed.

6.  At the follow up meeting, we will make any needed corrections to the documents and then sign, witness, and notarize them.

7.  If a Living Trust has been prepared, we will also take care of recording the deed in order to move your properties into the Trust.

8.  That’s all there is to it.  The whole process usually only takes just a few weeks.  Congratulations.

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- James Anthony Froude


You provided outstanding service. You were easy to talk to, addressed all of our concerns, in language we could understand! Thank you !!!" (Gary & Joan H., Meridian, Idaho)