Can we Serve Out-of-Area Clients?

Can we Serve Out-of-Area Clients?

Very much so.

For clients who need assistance with probate, we can handle such proceedings in every county in the state.  And we can easily handle the process for Executors who live anywhere in the country without requiring them to travel to our offices in Eagle.

For clients who need a Will or a Living Trust, we can serve anyone in Idaho so long as they are able to travel to our offices in Eagle for at least a final meeting to sign, witness, and notarize their documents.  Having said that, we do prefer having both the initial meeting and the final meeting in person at our offices.  But if distance is an issue, we can simplify the process to a single final face-to-face meeting.


Author: Barry Peters. For additional easy-to-understand information on Wills, Trusts, and Probate, call attorney Barry Peters’ offices at (208) 939-2600 for your expedited appointment for a FREE OFFICE CONSULTATION or visit his Q & A pages at As always, your total satisfaction is guaranteed by Barry Peters, Attorney at Law, where all clients receive individual attention to the details of their unique circumstances.

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“Once men get in the habit of helping themselves to the property of others they are not easily cured of it.” (1909 New York Times editorial against the federal income tax)


Thank you very much for your help with the closing of Moms house, it is now scheduled to close Monday. You were the only person that said we can beat all of this, other attorneys told us to walk away. We put our faith in you Mr. Peters and came out on top. Thank you again. (Michael E.)