Gun Trust:  Who Needs One?

Gun Trust:  Who Needs One?

More is being said about the need for a Gun Trust these days. 

That raises a question:  Who needs one and who doesn’t?

A little background may help.  In addition to any state-required permits, federal law requires a special federal permit for a few types of weapons and accessories.  Those are:

  • Full automatic firearms (multiple shots from a single trigger pull)
  • Sawed off shotguns and rifles with a barrel shorter than 18”
  • Suppressors/Silencers for rifles or handguns
  • Explosives such a dynamite, grenades, etc.


For people who own these types of firearms or accessories, a Gun Trust is important. 

For the rest of us, a garden-variety Living Trust or Family Trust is more than adequate.  Especially if that garden-variety trust reminds the successor trustee about the state rules that apply to  the distribution of weapons to the rightful heirs.


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