How Much Are Wills?

How Much Are Wills?

A Simple Will primarily just indicates who is to inherit a person’s property and who is to serve as the Executor when that person passes away.

Where the heirs are not yet adults, it can also designate a Custodian who will hold that inheritance until the heirs reach age 21.

And it can also indicate preferences between burial and cremation. 

If you have this office prepare a Simple Last Will and Testament, the total cost will be $395 for an unmarried person and $525 for a married couple.

For persons who opt for a Simple Will, we would encourage the preparation of a General Power of Attorney and a Living Will, as well. 

These three documents – a Last Will and Testament, a Living Will, and a General Power of attorney – make an excellent basic estate plan.  That plan deals not only with the issues that will arise when a person passes away, but it also establishes the principles that will apply if a person becomes incapacitated before he or she passes away. 

If a person wants a complete Simple Will package that includes all three of these documents, the cost of the package will be $595 for an unmarried person and $825 for a married couple.


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Barry, your services exceeded our expectations. Having dreaded and delayed establishing a will/trust/etc, we wer pleased to find your process thorough and efficient with an appreciated personal touch that made us comfortable. You answered our questions and helped us make the right decision for our circumstances, followed by a streamlined process, meeting a deadline we set for ourselves before international travel. With the checklist you provided, we completed the process and will now travel the world with peace of mind." Allen H. & Teena D. (Eagle, ID)