What’s Wrong with On-Line Wills?

What’s Wrong with On-Line Wills?

It happened again this week.  I met with a client whose husband had recently passed away. 

He left a Last Will and Testament that he signed and had notarized.  But the lines for the two witness’ signatures were left blank.  Evidently, he thought that he could choose between having two witnesses or having the Will notarized.  He chose the “notarization” option.

He was incorrect in that assumption. 

Here in Idaho, a Will that has two witness’ signatures is not required to be notarized.  But a Will that is notarized still must have the two witnesses in order to be enforceable.

Unfortunately, this sort of shortcoming is surprisingly common in documents that are purchased on-line.

That’s one reason why relying on one-size-fits-all documents prepared on-line is a precarious practice.  And the results of a deficient document can be catastrophic for those left behind.


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