Out-of-Town Clients?

Out-of-Town Clients?

How can an out-of-town client be helped?  Or even an out-of-state client?

The practical answer is:  It depends.

A person who needs assistance with a probate proceeding can use this office regardless of the county in which the probate is to occur.  We can normally use an “informal” process that does not involve any trial or even a hearing.  Documents can either be electronically filed with the court or they can be submitted to the court by postal mail.  The fact that the person who is to be named as Executor lives in another state will not hinder the process in the least.

However, a person who needs to have a Living Trust or a Simple Will prepared must be available to meet at our offices in Eagle at least once.  Our initial meeting to discuss your estate planning options and details can occur telephonically.  After that, the preferred documents will then be prepared and mailed to the client for a preview.  But the second meeting, at which the documents will be finalized and signed, must take place here at our offices in Eagle.

So, if you need assistance with a probate proceeding, we can help you regardless of where you live and regardless of the county in which the probate must take place.

But if you wish for our assistance in connection with the preparation of a Will or Trust, you will need to be physically present at our offices in Eagle for at least one meeting.


Author: Barry Peters. For additional easy-to-understand information on Wills, Trusts, and Probate, call attorney Barry Peters’ offices at (208) 939-2600 for your expedited appointment for a FREE OFFICE CONSULTATION or visit his Q & A pages at BarryPeters-Law.com/common-questions. As always, your total satisfaction is guaranteed by Barry Peters, Attorney at Law, where all clients receive individual attention to the details of their unique circumstances.

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