Property Outside of Idaho?

Property Outside of Idaho?

If you own property in more than one state, a Family Trust becomes an even more important part of your estate plan.

Without a Family Trust or Living Trust, the heirs of a person who owned property in multiple states must not only go through probate here in Idaho, they then must also do a simplified probate process in each of those other states.  Those legal proceedings can cause the costs and delays to those loved ones to skyrocket.

But with a Family Trust or Living Trust, not only is probate in Idaho avoided, the proceedings in the other states are also avoided, as well.

So, for those owning property in multiple states, the need for a Family Trust or Living Trust is even more pressing.


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We thought the service you performed for us was perfect. We are so thankful you explained the difference between a "Will" and the "Trust" that you set up for us. We have shared this with several people in hopes they would see the important differences." (John & Sandy S., Meridian, Idaho)