Risks of On-Line Documents

Risks of On-Line Documents

So what can go wrong with on-line estate planning documents?

A couple of things come to mind based on the reviews that I’ve done:

Inappropriate provisions:  It’s not uncommon for on-line documents to include provisions that are inconsistent.  Or vague.  Any estate plan should only include language that is easily understood on a first-reading.  If you have to study language to try to decipher its meaning, it may well lead to disputes among your heirs.

Illegal Signing:   Different states have different ways that estate planning documents are to be signed.  Do you need to have a Will notarized?  Are two witnesses required or just one?  Can a Will be valid without any witnesses? 

Unfortunately, if the will is not signed, witnessed, and/or notarized in the specific correct manner, it may end up being disregarded upon your death.

Fortunately, with a Will or a Trust prepared by an attorney licensed in Idaho, these risks can be eliminated. 


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