Serving Clients Outside the Treasure Valley?

Serving Clients Outside the Treasure Valley?

This firm can serve clients who don’t live in the immediate vicinity of Eagle.

For clients needing to have a Will or a Trust prepared, I regularly serve clients as far away as McCall, Twin Falls, Weiser, and similar communities.

For probate clients, I can serve anyone in the nation who needs a probate proceeding handled anywhere in the state of Idaho.

So, feel free to think outside the box.


Author: Barry Peters. For additional easy-to-understand information on Wills, Trusts, and Probate, call attorney Barry Peters’ offices at (208) 939-2600 for your expedited appointment for a FREE OFFICE CONSULTATION or visit his Q & A pages at As always, your total satisfaction is guaranteed by Barry Peters, Attorney at Law, where all clients receive individual attention to the details of their unique circumstances.

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"Thanks for your services! Making things clear & understandable was important to us. . . We will, of course, recommend you to whomever we can." (Jack & Joan W., Midvale, Idaho)